Friday, December 12, 2008

"But what does it DO?"

We recently got some samples in which we fought over to determine who gets to keep it at their desk.

I got the 7 Color Spiral Light-up Pen.

Every time the button is pushed, the lights flash in a different fashion and color combination. The fiber optic swirl on the inside gives it extra depth and makes it more interesting than just any old light up pen. And the lights seem to go on forever, unlike other light up pens which seem to cycle through once or twice then shut off. The batteries are replaceable.
The pen is silver and a one color imprint is included in the price. The pens start at $2.03 each at end quantity pricing (EQP).

Loyce got the Pinwheel Note Holder.
The spiral shape common in desk note holders is on the back, and the pinwheel is on the front. It's all metal, yet still light enough that the pinwheel moves when you blow on it.

It comes in black, blue, silver, and red pinwheels, with a one color imprint. Your logo is printed on the base, not on the pinwheel itself. These start at $2.92 each for end column quantities.
I also got the Glitter Lamp.

Give it a shake, and the glitter swirls around the inside, picking up the changing colors from the LED lights on the inside. When waiting for artwork to upload, I often give this a shake, and it magically makes the artwork upload faster (or, it amuses me just long enough for the upload to finish).
The imprint is on the silver base, and as usual, one color is included in the price. It stands about 6" tall, and the batteries are replaceable. EQP is $3.82 each, but one that plays a custom sound for 10 seconds starts at only $4.67.

But, Loyce claimed the Boogie Bot.

I can tell when she's frustrated, because I can hear her winding up the rockin' little guy. And I can't say I blame her, he makes me smile. He kind of reminds me of Matt, the guy that does his dance all over the world.
He dances with your one color logo spinning around on his robot torso. He starts at $2.12 each, and comes in red or blue.

I'm sure we're not the only office that debates over who gets the cool toys. So for your next promotion, consider giving away something a little more fun with the "Ooh, I want that on my desk!" factor.

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