Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Is Here!

There's no question that summer has arrived.  Here are the perfect products to help your employees and clients:

Have Fun

Put your full color logo and picture on this PhotoVision Flyer.  This 9-1/8" frisbee has a 3" durable polyurethane disc to keep your colorful logo protected.  It also gives a nice balance to the flyer for some smooth flying.  Great for companies with bright logos or pictures!  Currently on sale at $1.80 for 200 or more flyers.

Sit back and watch the action in a Captain's Chair.  Perfect for golf outings, lemonade stands, tailgating, and any other outdoor events, or where you just need more chairs.  Has a canholder in each armrest and comes with a carrying bag.  Available with a full color imprint.  Currently on sale for $17.88 each for 24 or more chairs.

Protect from the Sun

Everyone knows how hot the inside of a car can get while sitting out in the sun.  Protect the interior of your car from the sun's rays with a Car Sun Shade.  One piece construction made of reflective fabric.  Dual imprint area!  Folds down to 9".  Currently on sale for $7.50 for 50 or more shades.

Forgot your sunscreen?  Keep a Sun & Aloe Pocket Pack in your bag or car.  Contains an aloe vera gel packet and 2 SPF-15 UVA/UVB water-resistant sunscreen packets.  Four color process imprint in 2 locations.  Currently on sale for $0.91 per pack for at least 500 packs.

Speaking of sunscreen, don't forget to protect your lips too, with SPF-23 Lip Balm in cherry, spearmint, or vanilla.  Contains both UVA/UVB sunscreen protection and aloe.  Imprint is a full color decal.  Currently on sale for $1.04 each for 250 or more tubes.

Keep Your Belongings

Keys don't float to the top of the water, but it seems like they come out of swim shorts awful easy.  They also tend to leap over the sides of boats.  Give your keys their own floatation devices with a Sure-Float Key Chain.  Has a nice big imprint area.  Currently on sale for $1.00 each for at least 250 key chains.

Speaking of things that tend to get lost during summer, I'm sure to always keep a spare set of sunglasses in the car.  The problem is where to put them?  Now, you can keep your sunglasses handy but out of the way with a Sunglass Visor Clip.  It clips to your visor and secures the bridge or stem of a pair of sunglasses safely inside the soft foam insert.  Currently on sale for $1.79 each for 500.

Selecting fun or useful seasonal products keeps your company in the forefront of your customer's mind.