Friday, August 10, 2012

Awwww! I want your logo to be on this teddy bear's shirt!

Sometimes I see items I love so much, I just really want someone to order them.
I was infatuated with these bears as soon as I saw them.  They're so cute and cuddly!
The fur is the ultra soft kind, which makes me just want to sit and pet them all day.
  And look at that little shirt!  Or apron.  Or tie.  Or bandana.  Or lab coat.  Or scrubs.  Or sweatshirt.  Or golf shirt.  Or baseball shirt.
Teddy bears are obviously great for anything to do with kids, but as I can attest to with my love for these guys, adults dig them too.  They're great companions during long car trips.  It's hard to be in a bad mood with a teddy bear on your desk.  Just having them around the office gives a less stressful and much more personable atmosphere.  They even come as golf club head covers.
When I was first handed one, I immediately regressed back to childhood and started playing with it.  I couldn't help myself.
There's more than bears too!  There's puppies, koalas, pigs, cows, horses, monkeys, gophers (oh, gopher golf club covers!), polar bears, penguins, dolphins, otters, seals whales, buffalo, lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!
I need everyone to order a bear or stuffed animal because they're just so adorable!


Jessica said...

Those are really cute teddy bears for promotion! :)

Marie said...

Putting a promotional products campaign together is something that should be done with a good bit of thought and contemplation.

Allan Holaday said...

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Allan Holaday

Nelson Tillmon said...

A memorable logo should be able to get your customers to start getting the product or services that you offer. These cuddly creatures could do very well for car products or anything that has to do with kids. Bears could be able to just sell anything. :D You should ensure also that the logo relates to your business in any shape or form.

Nelson Tillmon

Ashish Surana said...

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